Importer Of Record Service in Poland: A Guide for IT and Telecom Companies

Poland is a country in Europe known for its beautiful cities and rich history. It is also growing fast in the IT and telecom sector. Many companies want to bring their IT and telecom equipment to Poland. To do this, they often need an Importer Of Record service in Poland. This service helps companies with the import process, making sure everything goes smoothly.

Introduction to Poland’s IT and Telecom Sector

Poland’s IT and telecom sector is becoming very important. Many big companies and small startups are doing amazing work here. Poland has talented people who are great at making new technology. The country has good internet services and many people use smartphones and computers. Companies like Microsoft, Google, and IBM have offices in Poland. They help the country grow in technology and innovation.

Duties and Taxes on IT and Telecom Equipment in Poland

When importing IT and telecom equipment to Poland, there are several duties and taxes to consider. Here is a list of the main ones:

  1. Customs Duty: This is a tax on goods brought into the country. The rate depends on the type of equipment being imported.
  2. Value-Added Tax (VAT): This tax is 23% and is applied to most goods and services in Poland.
  3. Import Duty: This is another tax on imported goods. The rate varies depending on the item.
  4. Excise Duty: This is a special tax on certain goods like electronics. It helps to control the market and protect local businesses.

Importer Of Record Service in Poland

An Importer Of Record service in Poland is very helpful for companies. It helps them bring their products into the country without any trouble. The Importer Of Record is responsible for making sure all the paperwork is done correctly. They make sure all duties and taxes are paid. This service helps companies avoid delays and fines.

Why Use an Importer Of Record Service?

There are many reasons why companies use an Importer Of Record service in Poland:

  1. Compliance: The Importer Of Record makes sure all laws and regulations are followed.
  2. Efficiency: They handle all the paperwork and logistics, making the import process faster.
  3. Cost-Effective: Using this service can save companies money by avoiding fines and delays.
  4. Expertise: The Importer Of Record knows all the rules and can help companies navigate the process.

How ASL Can Help IT & Telecom Companies

ASL is a company that offers Importer Of Record services in Poland. They have a lot of experience and are very reliable. Here are some ways ASL can help IT and telecom companies:

  1. Smooth Import Process: ASL handles all the paperwork and makes sure everything is done correctly. This means companies can focus on their business, not on import problems.
  2. Cost Savings: ASL helps companies avoid fines and delays, saving them money.
  3. Expert Advice: ASL has a team of experts who know all about importing to Poland. They can give companies advice and help them with any problems.
  4. Custom Solutions: ASL offers services tailored to each company’s needs. They understand that every business is different and has unique requirements.

Steps Involved in the Import Process

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to the import process:

  1. Prepare Documents: Make sure you have all the necessary documents like invoices, packing lists, and certificates.
  2. Classify Goods: Determine the correct classification for your goods. This helps in calculating duties and taxes.
  3. Submit Declarations: Submit the necessary declarations to the Polish customs authorities.
  4. Pay Duties and Taxes: Make sure all duties and taxes are paid on time to avoid any delays.
  5. Arrange Transportation: Plan the transportation of your goods to ensure they arrive safely and on time.
  6. Clear Customs: Work with the Importer Of Record to clear customs and bring your goods into Poland.

Benefits of Using ASL’s Importer Of Record Service

Using ASL’s Importer Of Record service in Poland has many benefits for IT and telecom companies:

  1. Reliability: ASL is a trusted company with years of experience.
  2. Efficiency: They make the import process quick and easy.
  3. Cost Savings: By avoiding fines and delays, companies save money.
  4. Expertise: ASL’s team knows all about the import rules and regulations.
  5. Custom Solutions: They offer services that fit each company’s specific needs.


Poland is a great place for IT and telecom companies. The country is growing fast in technology and innovation. Importing IT and telecom equipment to Poland can be complicated. There are many duties and taxes to consider. An Importer Of Record service in Poland can help companies with this process. ASL is a trusted company that offers these services. They can help IT and telecom companies save time and money. With ASL, companies can focus on their business and leave the import process to the experts.

Using an Importer Of Record service in Poland is a smart choice for IT and telecom companies. It helps them avoid problems and makes the import process easy. ASL is a great partner for any company looking to import IT and telecom equipment to Poland. They offer expert advice, cost savings, and a smooth import process. This allows companies to focus on what they do best: creating amazing technology.

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