Importer of Record Service in Angola: Simplifying IT & Telecom Equipment Imports

Importing IT and telecom equipment to Angola can be complex. Many rules, duties, and taxes apply. That’s why using an Importer of Record (IoR) service is essential. It makes the process smooth and easy.

What is an Importer of Record?

An Importer of Record is a person or company responsible for ensuring that goods are imported according to the law. They handle all paperwork, payments, and legalities.

Why Use an Importer of Record Service in Angola?

Importing IT and telecom equipment involves many steps. You need to follow Angola’s rules and pay duties and taxes. An Importer of Record service in Angola takes care of these tasks for you. This service ensures your goods are imported legally and on time.

Duties and Taxes on IT and Telecom Equipment in Angola

When importing IT and telecom equipment into Angola, several duties and taxes apply. Here are the main ones:

  1. Customs Duty: This is a tax on the value of the imported goods. The rate varies depending on the type of equipment.
  2. Value Added Tax (VAT): Angola charges a VAT on most imported goods. The current rate is 14%.
  3. Excise Tax: Some telecom equipment may be subject to an excise tax. The rate depends on the equipment type.
  4. Import Declaration Fee: There is a fee for processing the import declaration. This fee is necessary for all imports.
  5. Handling and Storage Fees: These are fees for handling and storing goods at the port.

How ASL Can Help with Importer of Record Services

ASL is a company that offers Importer of Record services in Angola. They help IT and telecom companies import their equipment without problems. Here’s how ASL can help:

  1. Compliance with Regulations: ASL knows all the import rules in Angola. They make sure your equipment meets these rules.
  2. Paperwork Handling: Importing involves a lot of paperwork. ASL takes care of all the necessary documents.
  3. Paying Duties and Taxes: ASL handles the payment of all duties and taxes. This ensures there are no delays or penalties.
  4. Customs Clearance: ASL manages the customs clearance process. They ensure your equipment is released quickly and efficiently.
  5. Logistics Management: ASL can arrange the transport and storage of your equipment. This ensures your goods are safe and arrive on time.
  6. Problem Resolution: If there are any issues during the import process, ASL resolves them. They have experience handling all types of import problems.

Benefits of Using ASL’s Importer of Record Service

Using ASL as your Importer of Record in Angola has many benefits:

  1. Time-Saving: ASL handles all the complex tasks, saving you time.
  2. Cost-Effective: By managing the process efficiently, ASL helps reduce extra costs.
  3. Expert Knowledge: ASL has a deep understanding of Angola’s import regulations.
  4. Peace of Mind: You can focus on your business while ASL takes care of the imports.


Importing IT and telecom equipment into Angola can be challenging. However, using an Importer of Record service in Angola simplifies the process. ASL offers expert services to ensure your equipment is imported smoothly and legally. With ASL handling compliance, paperwork, and logistics, you can focus on growing your business without any import worries.

Remember, for hassle-free imports, always consider using an Importer of Record service in Angola. It ensures your goods are imported correctly, saving you time and money.

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